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It’s time to be the best version of you

The BBM program combines your daily 8-12 minute workout videos with a tailored eating plan and some easy health hacks to help you reach your goals and maintain them.

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Will I feel better ?


Will I lose weight ?


Will my body shape change ?


Will I get stronger ?


Will I be healthier ?


Will I maintain these changes ?



Michael’s short workout videos are a fusion of the best of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, yoga, Pilates and core and conditioning training, to name a few.

Your BBM workout videos are sequenced so that you develop at the right pace. As your fitness, strength and coordination improve your combinations become more challenging.

Whatever your fitness levels and exercise experience - you’ll feel the sting while you are working out and you’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Love the program. So easy, so fun and so quick - I travel a lot for work, finding a gym on the road can be difficult... now I don’t have to. I have all I need at my fingertips in your program... no excuses now! Thanks so much.
- Peta
Just wanted to say a massive thank you. The BBM program has provided me with structure, ease of fitting into my day and working around my 2 kids. I struggled to find time to exercise... however it’s so easy with your program. I love it and can feel the results already!
- Sammi

Eating / Nutrition

The BBM program includes a no-fuss, delicious weekly meal plan with easy-to-follow recipes, and best of all – no calorie counting!

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Muscle-building
  • Meat lovers
  • Summer and winter seasonal
  • Intermittent fast
  • Naughty but wholesome
  • and many more options
The meals are super cost-effective, fresh, all whole foods, but best of all I know for certain that if I just eat the three meals and two snacks I have chosen each day for that week there is no way I can gain weight.
- Shalon
A mate put me onto your program, really happy with it. The recipes are easy, quick to prepare and so much variety. We make the meals for the whole family. The training is awesome... enjoy the quick sessions over cardio any day!
- Pascal


Michael’s 21 Lifestyle Principles, outlined in his free e-book Reclaim: The Blueprint to a Better You are easy health hacks, less than a page each, simple to incorporate into daily life to help you reach your health and life goals.

We all know that sleep, water, oxygen, attitude and nutrients are important but Michael draws on his 20 years of study and experience to give an overview of why they are important and how to optimise them. Find out:

  • Why sleep matters and the best times for sleep
  • Why water is essential and exactly how much youneed
  • Why potassium and vitamin D matter and how to get them
  • How to bring stress levels down and self-belief and positivity up to achieve your goals
  • And so much more !

RECLAiM: The Blueprint to a better you written by Michael Abdallah is a highly readable book packed with wisdom, understanding, and passion. Each of the 21 Principles, set out to improve not only your physical health, but also your social and emotional well-being, are thoroughly developed and described. - Jenni D


who is Michael?

Michael Abdallah has been helping people become the best version of themselves for almost 20 years. With qualifications in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Coaching, NLP, Educational Kinesiology and Postural Assessment and Rehabilitation, his thirst for knowledge is driven by his love of people and seeing the life-changing impact good health has on them and their loved ones.

“The difference for me in Michael’s approach is that it comes from his heart as much as his head. He genuinely cares about people’s health and wellbeing and he… has a way of building confidence and giving people the tools they need to take pride in themselves again and make the right choices.”

- Shalon

How do i Start?

Just Start, do it, right now

Join the hundreds that have lost between 5 and 70kgs Now!, this program will create profounding and lasting changes to your mental, Physical & Emotional health. A once off Payment of $97 will give you life time access to the amazing app and website including all the extra and bonus programs and content.
There is no schedule, this isn’t an unrealistic challenge crammed into a few weeks or months. This is about you, take it at your own pace, the program progresses as you progress, regardless of your starting point. You just need to start, or as Michael would say, turn intention into action.


you get

  • Your innovative, enjoyable daily video workout program
  • Your choice of over 50 pre-set weekly meal plans, or 500 recipes to build your own weekly meal plan
  • Access to our full recipe collection
  • Membership of a supportive Facebook community
  • Access to the full range of Michael’s health and wellbeing articles, podcasts, webinars and more.
  • ONCE off payment of only $97 gives you life time access to the website and App FOR LIFE!
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