Q: Is this program for me?

A: Michael has researched the most effective exercise modalities over almost 20 years and worked with thousands of people to devise a program that can be tailored to suit everyone. We're so sure that it can work for anyone to achieve their goals that we give you the first 7 days to try it out for free.

We recommend you commit to the program for at least 7 weeks and make it a habit to get the maximum benefit. In our experience, you will feel the difference after 7 days and see the difference after 7 weeks and that’s really just the beginning. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so make a point of being really thorough in those first 21 days.


Q: Who is Michael and what does he know about health, fitness and weight loss?

A: Michael Abdallah is qualified in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Coaching, NLP, Educational Kinesiology and Postural Assessment and Rehabilitation. Not only has he helped thousands of people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals as a trainer, speaker and writer, his personal journey to true health and wellbeing has given him a deep understanding of the life-changing difference good health makes.

In his twenties, chronic arthritis meant that Michael was in constant, debilitating pain and could hardly bend his knees. A specialist told him that the only option was to have both knees replaced. Michael decided to focus on movement, eating well and living well to try and avoid the surgery and today he is stronger and healthier than ever and so are his knees – that was fourteen years ago.


Q: Why should I do this program?

A: Because whatever your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, the BBM program will get you there. Whether you want to get rid of a few stubborn kilos or you have a lot of weight to shift, whether you want to tone some problem areas or achieve muscle definition, whether you just want to eat healthy and not have to think about food too much, or you want to increase your general fitness – this program is your ongoing roadmap to success.


Q: Should I have a buddy?

A: We have found people who commit to this kind of positive change in their life with a buddy find it easier to stick to the program. Bring a friend or family member on the journey with you, share the free 7 day free trial with them and get them on board. You will enjoy checking in with each other on the workouts, or you could get together to do them, when it suits. You could also share some food preparation or shopping ie. take it in turns to prepare the snacks for both of you on a week by week basis or take it in turns to shop – whatever works for you and your buddy.


Q: What if I don't have a buddy?

A: No worries! You’ll have heaps of support from the BBM team and other people in the program. You get access to our exclusive Facebook group when you sign up, it’s a supportive page where you can share your journey and enjoy being part of others’ progress too.


Q: I have a lot of weight to lose, can this program help me?

A: Yes. we've had people lose over 60kgs on this program. It is totally customised to you, so you won't feel too far out of your depth. It will push you out of your comfort zone, but we're not going to punish you. Be sure to use the beginner options given throughout the workout videos, start with these then gradually switch to the other exercises only when you feel ready. And please make sure you have the go-ahead from your doctor before you start.

If you find you need some extra support or you want to be sure to totally nail the program, you can always try the BBM Diamond Package, it includes weekly one-on-one support calls with our team, personalised support and guidance through the program, access to our team via message to answer any of your questions and access to our additional exclusive community of other determined achievers.


Q: I have a few kilos of baby weight, can this program help me?

A: Yes. We've helped lots of mums get back to looking and feeling great by giving them the tools to get back to balance. The unique combination of different types of workouts, in conjunction with eating whole foods and looking after yourself through our mindset and health tips, will sort out those last few kilos and more importantly, give your body the respect it deserves – hey, you brought a new human being into the world, congratulations, that’s an amazing achievement!

Please take it at your own pace with the workouts – there are beginner options given throughout the routines, start with these then gradually switch to the other exercises when you feel ready.


Q: I'm happy with my weight, I want to get fit. Can this program help me?

A: Yes. These workouts are tailored to provide a progressive increase in cardio activity. During your 7 day free trial you will see that with workouts like Cardio Conditioning and Tabata Cardio balanced through the week with workouts designed to improve muscle tone and conditioning, you will be giving your body the tools it needs to get fit and feel fantastic. The bonus is you’ll have fun doing it as most people find the variety in the workouts each day keeps them motivated and looking forward to seeing what’s coming up through the week.


Q: I’m a guy. I want to get fit and build muscle. Can this program help me?

A: Yes, for sure – Michael is living proof that this program works, these are his preferred workouts. Start by selecting one of our Muscle Building weekly meal plans then get into your daily workouts. The combination of cardio and muscle toning routines, done using the resistance of your own body weight, are a tried and tested method for achieving muscle growth and definition.


Q: Why is there a 7 day free trial?

A: We want to make it easy for you to take the first step and make sure this program is going to work for you. Sign up with your credit card details and your first 7 days of the program are completely free.


Q: How does the billing work?

A: The day after your 7 day free trial is complete your credit card will be billed in advance for one month's subscription to our Platinum Package ($19.95/month) and will continue to be billed month to month until you email ask@bbmofficial.com and request to stop. Make sure you request to stop before your next monthly payment is due.


Q: How do I pause or stop my membership?

A: Most people continue their workouts while on holiday or travelling for work as they are so convenient and can be done almost anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. But if you need to put your membership on hold we can do that for as long as you need. Just email ask@bbmofficial.com before your next monthly payment is due and we'll action your request.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Go to bbmofficial.com


Q: If I opt for a pre-selected meal plan why is the food the same for 7 days?

A: We find that many people like to ‘set and forget’ when it comes to food for the week but of course you can change your meal plan over at any time, even daily if you want! Otherwise you can build your own plan at any time, simply choose the Select Your Own Meal Plan option and you will be given lots of options for each meal and snacks to choose from.


Q: What if I’m not keen on one of the dishes in my meal plan?

A: No problem, just have a look through our recipe collection and replace it with another dish.


Q: Will I have to cook separate meals for my family?

A: The BBM program is designed to suit families. Most of the Pre Selected Meal Plans would suit families or just take a look through our collection of over 500 recipes and build your own meal plan with your family member’s preferences in mind.


Q: I want to focus on losing weight, what are your top tips?

A: Firstly, choose one of our 6 Body Sculpting and Toning meal plans each week. Secondly, follow the program as it is set out – do the workouts and stick to the recipes and you will feel and see the difference. Metabolic stimulus is your secret weapon and these workouts are specifically designed to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat long after they finish, in some cases up to 72 hours post-workout. Thirdly, put the scales away and focus on a real-life goal such as an activity that you want to be able to take part in, or a favourite pair of jeans or dress that you want to fit into again. Finally, at every meal, think about the food you are eating, enjoy it, and stop eating at that sweet spot when you don’t feel full but you don’t feel hungry anymore.

If you want more detailed information and support, you can always try the BBM Diamond Package, it includes weekly one-on-one support calls with our team, personalised support and guidance through the program, access to our team via message to answer any of your questions and access to our additional exclusive community of other determined achievers. You can always trade up to the Diamond Package for a few months while you form your new habits then go back to the Platinum Package when you feel ready.


Q: Do I need to buy any equipment to do the workouts?

A: No, the BBM workouts use the natural resistance provided by your own body.


Q: Where do I do the workouts?

A: Anywhere that suits you. Most people do them at home. Just make sure you have a clear space, ideally on carpet or a rug, an internet connection and your phone, tablet, computer or laptop handy.


Q: How much time do I need each day?

A: Roughly 20 minutes per day. Each workout is 8 to 12 minutes long and you can choose to do them one after the other or at different times of the day – it’s flexible to fit in with your schedule. It may only be about 20 minutes of working out but the metabolic stimulus these particular workouts give your body will have you burning fat long after you’ve finished, in some cases up to 72 hours post-workout!


Q: What if I miss a day?

A: Firstly, don’t worry, just get back into it the next day. One of the keys to success is to take it one day at a time. If you want to make up the missed workouts over the next couple of days then go for it, otherwise just move on. The system is completely flexible, you can always go back to past workout sequences if you feel the need to consolidate or simply add some extra movement into your day.


Q: I have an existing injury or condition – can I start BBM?

A: See your doctor or relevant health professional if you have any doubts at all and take it easy when you get started – it’s not a race! You can’t go wrong nourishing your body with healthy whole foods and movement is beneficial to most conditions and recovery, just go at the right pace for you. If you want a really gentle start to the program you could do the warm up and cool down videos and skip the workouts until you are ready to add them. The warm ups are dynamic stretches that promote circulation and mobility and the warm downs are static stretches for mobility.

Still have a question? Please drop us a line anytime at ask@bbmofficial.com